Medicare Part B Reference Manual

Chapter 2
Overview Of Medicare
Chapter 3
Provider Enrollment
Chapter 4
Assignment And Participation
Chapter 5
Patient Eligibility
Chapter 6
Medicare Coverage And Medical Necessity
Chapter 7
Medicare Medical Policy Bulletins
Chapter 8
Supplemental Insurance/Complementary Crossover/Medigap
Chapter 9
Completion Of The HCFA 1500 - Claim Form
Chapter 10
EDI Services
Chapter 11
Medicare As Secondary Payer (MSP)
Chapter 12
Fee Schedule
Chapter 13
Medicare Reimbursement
Chapter 14
Comprehensive Limiting Charge Compliance Program
Chapter 15
Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA)
Chapter 16
Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics,Orthotics
Chapter 17
System Outputs
Chapter 18
Appeals And Hearings
Chapter 19
Program Safeguards
Chapter 20
Diagnosis Coding
Chapter 21
Standardization Codes
Chapter 22
Global Surgery & Related Services
Chapter 23
Evaluation & Management
Chapter 24
Medicare Overpayments
Chapter 25
Preventive Services
Appendix A
Glossary & Abbreviations
Appendix B
Appendix C
New Correct Coding Combinations
Appendix D
HCFA Provider Specialty Codes
Appendix E
Fact Sheet
Appendix F
Billing Guides