Chapter 12
Fee Schedule

12.1 Introduction
This section is reserved for your 2000 Medicare Fee Schedule and Limiting Charge information for your locality. The 2000 Medicare Fee Schedule was issued on November 17, 1999 in a
Medicare Special Bulletin. The bulletin contained your Medicare Fee Schedule, the Announcement about Medicare Participation for 2000, and the 2000 Fact Sheet. In addition to the information pertaining to your fee schedule, HGSAdministrators published informational updates on revised drug fees and resource-based practice expense relative value units.

Your office may choose to place the November 17, 1999 Medicare Special Bulletin in Chapter 12 of your Medicare Part B Reference Manual.

12.2 Fee Schedule
You may request a complete Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Report for your locality for all procedures codes by contacting our customer service departments listed in Chapter 1,
section 1.2, of this manual.


Note: There is an on-line help page to assist you in understanding this information.

If you are a chiropractor or an ambulance supplier, you may request your fees by utilizing the same procedures as reference above.