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Deadline March 15, 2004

Is your software company going to convert to the new HIPAA 837 format or are they going out of business? We have been here since 1979 and well into the future!
Does your software have the REQUIRED Security Maintenance Configuration, Information Access Controls and Encryption functions? 
Is your software company going to meet the October 16, 2003 Deadline?. 
Is your software company one that is going to charge you for the new HIPAA 837 format changes? Datalogic never charges for updates! 
Are salesmen telling you that your DMERC supplied software is going to be obsolete or discontinued? THIS IS NOT TRUE!  As mandated by the 1996 HIPAA regulation, all DMERC's are required to update their free or low cost software!
Have questions about HIPAA and becoming compliant - We help all our clients with compliance policies and procedures.
Are you using a billing service? They are handling your PHI (Protected Healthcare Information) and must be HIPAA compliant! Are they?    Deadline - October 16th,. 2003!


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* * Excludes the ERN package (Electronic Remittance Notification Application). All other benefits included.
*    For Billing Services Only