HIPAA Compliance in Region A,B,C, & D for Electronic ANSCI formats and security matrix mandates

 Master Files for Current
HCPCS, Allowables, ICD-9 & UPIN

Clearing House Submissions for 3rd party Carriers

ERN-Electronic Remittance Notification (module) automatically posts EOMB information into Medicare Accounts

Billing-On-screen Verifications of A/R Balances with historical payments & posting activities

Electronic-Transmits DMERC electronic claims and CMN's

Billing-Generates DMERC ready CMN's or Carrier specific prescriptions including Camera Ready CMN's

Electronic-Transmits Claim HAO Note Records when required by your DMERC

Billing-Bills Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Carriers

Prints-HCFA 1500 Claims, Customer Invoices, or Statements, CMN's, and more

Billing-Bills Commercial/Institutional accounts on an individual or patient summary basis.

Printing/Billing-Bills Capped Rental Claims & maintenance charges under DMERC specifications; including 10 month letter for Medicare rentals (English/Spanish) Billing-Service Commercial Accounts with integral credit management capabilities
Printing-Print Duplicate Prescriptions and individual invoices on demand Billing-On-screen Verifications of Billing Status, last and next bill dates
HMO-Managed Care (HMO) and Capitation applications Billing-Prescription Tracking by Rx Number, Original Print Date, Date sent to Physician, Date received from Physician, Date sent to Carrier
Rejections-Reduces DMERC Claim Rejections through front end error recognition and editing Billing-Unlimited Carrier Formats

Depreciation-Calculates Fixed Asset Depreciation schedules & life cycle repair costs

Inventory-Tracks Serialized Inventory by historical sequences and transaction events

Salesmen-Tracks/calculates Salesperson Activities w/commissions

Inventory-Tracks inventory activities, income contributions, and trend analysis profiles

Users-Expandable up to 512 System Users

Inventory-Tracks inventory costs, stock levels, and reorder info

Data-Selected common data files eliminates data entry duplications

Inventory-Create up to 256 Individual Price Codes per inventory item

Pricing-Commercial Contract Pricing & Pro-rata billing capabilities

Inventory-Traceability by Lot Codes, Serial Numbers, and Property Tags with recall capabilities

PEN-Automatic Monthly Kit billing for PEN accounts

Companies-Multiple Provider Number Billing capabilities

PEN-Complete PEN billing with automatic calculation of calories

Companies-Supports up to 99 Separate Companies with each having up to 999 individual Branch Locations

JCAHO-accreditation record keeping & automatic generation of Patient Care Plans

Companies-Provides all the features you need to manage even the most demanding DME/PEN business

Password-Security levels to limit user access to unauthorized information

Companies-Multiple Company or Branch billing and performance recognition

Reports-Sales Reports profiled by New vs Renewal activities

Reports-Held Item Feature automatically suspends Medicare billing until required or missing claim information is received

Reports-Generates over 500 Management Reports for identifying, evaluating and controlling defined segments of your company's performance

Reports-Generates the AHCA Report required by Florida

Reports-Generates reports based upon specific criteria or by ranges of information gathering

Reports-Generates performance reports by detailed, summary, or total activities

Start up Master files...  Inventory Start up, and Diagnosis Codes on request





Comfortable screen displays with easy data recognition

Increased productivity through global information changes & range edits

Generates letters to Patients, Physicians, Insurance Companies, etc. using operator selected system data text writing features

Screens and corrects common DMERC claim data entry errors using system scanning and auto-correct functions

"Pop-up window" displays providing direct access, selection, and editing capabilities

Integrated one step data entry processes based on work flows

Accommodates Order Entry & Point Of Sale Transactions

Generates Patient file folder and mailing labels

Create Patient Notes for correspondence, collections, and user selected activities

Post Medicare payments & adjustments with complete EOMB record information

Automatically bills Patient deductibles through the Medicare adjustment process



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