Considerations for selecting a Billing Service!

Never enter into an agreement where you are paying for services on a per line item basis. There is NO incentive for the Billing Company to do accurate output. Always pay for services on a percentage of monies collected.
Never pay more than 6% or 7% in today's market for general billing services. The Fee maybe higher if special services are required.
Always insist on full reports so that the accuracy of billing can be checked. ie... pickups are made timely so over billing does not occur etc. If Medicare suspects over billing, even though no fault of your own, you can be placed on Pre-Payment Review and suffer cash flow problems.
Never let a billing service talk you into entering the information and they just transmit the files for you. We can show you how to do this for no extra cost.
Always ask how you are going to have access to the information so that patient questions can be addressed timely. How pleased are your customers going to be if it takes you 3 days to get answers on their billing/delivery questions?
Insist on written procedural policy on resubmissions of rejects and denials

If you do not want to do your own billing, let us help you select the type of Billing Service that is best for you.