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Cameron Company Billing Service has been established to provide Billing Outsourced Solutions.  We are head-quartered in Cleveland, Tennessee.  We offer solutions with superior quality and service, at competitive rates.  We remain flexible to meet your needs.  We expect to earn your business.  We will be fair and flexible, creating a win-win scenario.  Variables will always be taken into consideration.  We work for you and will have the right person do the right job.  Cameron Company is specializing in Durable Medical Equipment BILLING SOLUTIONS.


We understand that every office is different and each likely has it's own unique challenges.  Our goal is to work with you and find a solution that fits your requirement.  Our aim is to provide value for your money.  Service oriented, Cameron Company is keenly aware of the importance of cash flow and the opportunity cost of unavailable cash. 


Our rates are comparable to most. But what do you get for that rate? Are your secondaries being sent out or is your biller under the assumption that Medicare crosses them all over?

What is the rate of collections? Are you paying a lower percentage to collect a lower percentage?

Our collection rate is well above the national average while our DSO is way below.  We put our money where our mouth is. If you don't get paid, we don't get paid.  


If you have any questions or are interested in learning how to get started, please contact Cindy Cameron at 423.650.2492 or email us at

At Cameron Company, we will do

as much or as little as you need. 

The choices are up to YOU!!!


The following can be adapted to suit your needs.

Summary of Services Available:


l        Bill all primary, secondary and tertiary insurances

l        CMN Management

l        Prior Authorization Management

l        Coverage criteria and documentation requirements

l        Referral Tracking

l        All paper claims, Private Pay, and Institutional Invoices distributed appropriately

l        PDF file of Patient Invoices sent to Customer for review and distribution

l        Cash Posting of all monies received

l        Denials and Appeals worked in a timely manner

l        Timely follow-up on all outstanding claims

l        Monthly reports to be provided to Customer

l        Billing and reimbursement question support service


Benefits of Outsourcing:


l        Frees you of the burden of billing

l        Reduces staff which eliminates sick pay, vacation pay, insurance benefits

l        Eliminates costly and unproductive training periods

l        No capital investment in software

l        Allows you to focus on the treatment of your patient along with generating new business

l        Fees are based on collection result


Our success depends on your success.  Each claim is billed and collected as if it was our own.