Paper remits are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Some Regions of Medicare have already begun phasing out the distribution and mailings of remits. Already some participants in the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) program have had their paper remits discontinued.

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STAND ALONE Revenue monitoring solution.
No more need for a subscription service!
No more annual fees or uploading your files off site!

Perfect for Billings Services for reporting
Perfect for Companies using a Billing Service to track efficiency
Perfect for all Companies that are paid by Medicare



Interprets those subtle differences between the 835’s and the four DMERC’s.

Print remits on demand.

Print single patient remits for Secondary submission.

Analyze data via Procedure, MOA or Denial Code.

Database storage of EOM Information.

Analyze reimbursements, charges and rejected bills.

Access/Search on-demand querying, secondary billing, and statistical reports.

Cash Posting Reports

More Details about the Translator


More Details about the Translator

The EOB Search function  quickly locates a single patient account for printing to facilitate secondary billing, billing for a specific date (Date of Service), remit date or by company. The search results can be sorted by: patient name, HICN, provider number, date of service.

 The ERN Translator v1.05 helps you review and research your remit denial and payment trends. Access your ANSI 835 - Version 4010A1 information for printing EOB’s, reprocessing of EOB’s for secondary payment documentation needs, statistical reporting to track denial issues due to errors by information collection and data input processing. With information at your disposal, you can improve your claims processing to recover lost revenue by efficiently resubmitting your claims. The ERN Translator provides the mechanism to improve your overall revenue collections by analyzing denied claims, providing workflow solutions, and offering comprehensive reporting.

If (but not necessary) integrated with the Sentracare Medical Management Application, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ANSI 835 files eliminates the manual keying of remittance data and the errors it creates. As a result, your payment process is dramatically enhanced through productivity, cost reduction and task reassignment activity. Report generation provides for detail explanation of payment differences between “billed” amounts and “paid amounts”  and denial information for quick and efficient resubmission of claims.

Security is implemented through unique user accounts..


More Details about the Translator

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